1. Wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap, Rinse completely, and dry with the lint-free towel before touching your lenses.

  2. Avoid the use of soap containing cold cream, lotion,or oily cosmetics.

  3.  Always start with the lens for your right eye. Making this a habit will help ensure that you always place the correct lens on the correct eye.

  4. Remove the right lens from the right compartment of the lens case and rinse it with fresh VFLEX HYDRA. Verify that the lens is not turned inside out by placing it on your forefinger and checking its profile. The lens should assume a natural, curved, bowl-like shape. If the lens edges tend to point outward, the lens is inside out.

  5. Hold the upper lid of the right eye with the index finger of the left hand. Keep the lens on the index finger of the right hand and holding down the lower lid with the middle finger of the right hand place the lens on the eye. Close the eye and roll it. Lens will take its position.

  6. Repeat this procedure for the left eye.